Creating new music is what we do. In our believe, every jam-night can be the beginning of a new track. So that's what we do: creating the tracks we love.

Our current album is Distraction, an embroiled love story where every track captures another phase in a relationship. Glutenfree Phylosophy is our killer track, released as a single.

At the moment, we are also exploring more electronic, 80s and R&B influences, which will be found on our future releases.

January 2018

Distraction (Album)

Its huge, its tremendous! The first official album of Bricks for Breakfast. This Album is an embroiled love story with some critical notes. Glutenfree Phylosophy is the main track on this album, which was released as single.

On Distraction, we also captured the songs from the album One. These songs were remixed and remastered, and the drums were recorded all again.

The tracklist on Distraction is:

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Glutenfree Philosophy
December 2017

Glutenfree Philosophy (single)

It’s alive! We are proud to share with you the first single of our upcoming album Distraction, the killer track called Glutenfree Philosophy! The song is a critique on how we tend to focus so much on our online presence and acceptance, that we forget to stay in touch with our real selves and real-life social connections.

Glutenfree Philosophy was recorded during a small holiday in Friesland.

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June 2015

One (unofficial EP)

Our first album, the very beginning of Bricks for Breakfast. The first collection of tracks we wanted to share with you. All tracks were recorded at an holiday home in Germany, with drums in the kitchen, lots of gear, beers and cables everywhere.

Who we are

Bricks for Breakfast is a Dutch recording collective formed in 2015, but foremost a group of friends. We played together in a coverband, where now this experience is put to use in producing our originals from our home studios and living rooms.

Style-wise, we prefer to mix it up a little. From electronic to 60s rock and everything in between. Trying to mix some old sounds and vintage gear with new electronic influences. Our aim is to create every EP or album with its own vibe.

The people behind Bricks for Breakfast are Daan Wirtz (Guitar, Production), Joost Maas (Guitar, Lyrics), Leon Melissant (Guitar, Production, Vocals), Olav Peuscher (Keys, Production), Sander Clahsen (Drums), Thomas Husken (Bass), Xander Peuscher (some keys) and sometimes Yolanda Koevoets(Vocals, Lyrics)

All musicians in Bricks for Breakfast previously played in coverband Tune Inn with about 60 live performances over five years and great gigs to look back at.


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You can always contact us at bricksforbreakfast@gmail.com. At the moment we are very busy to finish all our tracks and to play all new songs live, so a small gig will be suitable around March 2018.